How This Domain Came To Be

Previously, I used the domain for my blog. Learnt much about blogging and using the technical softwares. One day, a man offered to sell me the domain name I bought it at what I deemed as a reasonable price since I knew it was not available for sale before. Good for the seller; good for me.

Finally, with the domain under my ownership, I can use it under my own name.

I had looked for and realized it was under another’s ownership. Put myself on waiting list to be notified the moment its ownership expires, but it never happened. The owner sure knew how to renew his ownership and wait to sell it at a higher value. Normally, .com domain can be easily bought at around ten dollars USD, but if it is a premium name, the price can be as high as thousands of dollars. Glad I eventually got mine.

I shall use this domain name as my personal online name card.

“Want to know more about Peter Low? Visit”


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