Mission Trip 201611 at Cambodia with GenRev

This is a curated compilation from the photos and video footages collected by the volunteers (a.k.a. troopers) of the mission trip.

The experience happened from 2016 November 7th to 12th, Monday to Saturday. The country of visit was Cambodia. Our main activities revolved around interactions in a school and home visits in several villages.

Content Segments

• Intro – 00:00

• Airport Sharing by Grace – 00:29
• The Plane Flight and Bus Ride – 01:17

• Meeting the Partners – 01:40
• Guitar Attraction – 01:47
• Interactions with Locals – 02:22

• Health Education – 03:07
• Bible Lesson – 03:44
• Singing O Daddy God – 03:55
• Salvation Invitation – 04:47
• Hugs and Prayers – 05:15

• Packing Supplies – 06:02
• Worship Workshop – 06:10
• Beach Visit – 06:19

• Games Carnival Day – 06:40
• Children Interactions – 08:14

• Home Visits – 08:43
• Sharing of Testimonies – 09:29

• Outro – 10:13
• Credits – 10:47


Two things I observed:

1) Basic Desires

The fundamental needs of human are the same regardless of living conditions. We want health, and to feel useful. Men want to provide for their families. Women want to look pretty. Children want to be loved. Who wouldn’t?

2) Childlike Faith

I thought I knew what is childlike faith until I encountered the children there. They were so easily made happy. Many of us, children and adults, seem to be too caught up in chasing after our wants and lost track of the beauty in the simplicity of life.

A friend who is about to go to Cambodia one month after our team asked me for tips and advice.

One tip, for any first-timer on mission trip:

1) Be available

The truth is: just by being there, we were already useful to the team and the locals.

Inevitably, there will be many impromptu changes.

Ask the Lord for a hearing heart and He will enlarge your compassion too. When I was there, I had no time to focus on myself at all. So I believe when your team is there, anointing will just come upon you.

Two scenes etched in my memory deeply:

The first scene was when Imanuel whipped out his guitar and immediately children flocked to him. He taught them the song “O Daddy God” and the song became an instant hit.

The second scene was during the last day in school, when we distributed gifts packages to the children. I saw the eyes of the children lit up especially when we were handing out slippers. To them, slippers were luxury items.

They were so easily loved and contended. I’m reminded that nothing brings a smile to our Daddy God than for us to simply let Him love us.

I considered how I tend to take for granted what we have and express our dissatisfaction for what is already good. Truth is, happiness is simple. Quality-of-life is what we make of it.

During a home visit, two sisters revealed about their insecurities. Ezra, who was part my visiting team, shared that he knew of people in Singapore who are rich on the outside but poor on the inside, but we have Jesus, who makes us rich from the inside out.

There, many of us were on our first-time mission trip. And many of us didn’t know one another. It’s a miracle for the fact that we could come together and bond so quickly.

I am still amazed that just by being present, by availing ourselves, we were of good use. What a privilege!

I am reminded of what Gerlyn shared on the bus. She said that in her conversation with Jacqueline, our trip photographer, they came to realize that going on mission trip is a very exclusive activity.

Not everyone who has the money can do so. We had to go through interviews. The church has to liaise with the local partners and there are so many preparation work, from collecting donation items, organizing immunization jabs, buying tickets and insurances, to planning the programs, and dealing with many on-the-spot changes (e.g. weather).

I’m reminded that we have many unsung heroes in our lives. And if not for the grace of God and given wisdom from our forefathers, where would we be?

Praise Jesus for His finished redemptive work on the cross!

Technical Information:

This version of video was post-edited by yours truly, in Final Cut Pro X. Colours were graded with Color Finale, and scenes were cut to be as congruent as possible, considering many footages were from various medium, such as GoPros, mobile phones and DSLRs.

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