Write for Myself

This shall be the first blog post.

This year, I turned thirty. I may not have it all together, but I count myself blessed to be in health and my soul prospering.

When I think about where I am, I am grateful for all good things I can see now. When I think about where I am going, hope and uncertainties are at the back of my mind. When I think about where I was, I considered what could have been if only I had made better choices if I had better guidance… Lo, I know the purpose of why I write in this blog.

The Purpose of This Blog

The purpose of this blog shall be to:

  • Record my life experience
  • Organize my insights
  • Challenge my own beliefs

Wherein the style of writing, I shall write as if I am writing to the younger version of myself. I do not know who will be reading this blog, but at least I know I will be writing what I feel really matters in life. I hope by sharing what I learnt to do, not to do, had done right, could have done better and everything in between, you shall benefit from it all.

A man may not know-it-all; but a man can share his all.

What to Expect from This Blog

It is not as if I have not blogged before. Since my early teens, I have blogged from the platform of Blogspot to Twitter, and then to own a personal domain (lowhanyew.com). I have journaled in a physical book, and I still do. So why write in this platform?

Well, when I write, I really write for myself. I can write to address an issue or even for the sake of someone, but I simply cannot write if I have nothing to speak of the matter. Writing in a private journal, analog or digital, it is meant only for my eyes. Writing here, it is for the sake of adding value to my readers.

That being said, you really should not expect much from me. I rather under-promise and over-deliver than to over-promise and under-deliver. Someone I know would challenge by saying, “You should over-promise and over-deliver!” Good for him.

There are those who blog to position themselves as an expert on certain subjects. There are those write to sell products. In my disclaimer, I state that I may do so too, but I am more than that. For the interest of both you and I, I probably will not bare all my heart, mind and soul. One of the things that irk me very much is the kind of blog that rants as if the writer is throwing up rubbish. Not me, my hope is to help my younger self and anyone who may benefit from my content.

The only thing I promise you here is that all content here will be authentic with a touch of who I am. This blog reveals my contemplations. This blog will present me just as I am.

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