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  • All The Ice-cream In Your Hand Will Melt

    Sometimes, significant insights are discovered from the what seems to be the insignificant mundane of everyday-living. What some identify as inspiration, I recognize as revelation. On this day (20180630), I observed a scene unfolded in front of my eyes. Here is the context – I happened to be savouring my full-sized ice-cream waffle in a […]

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  • Trapped By Love: Leper And Jesus

    For the believers of Jesus Christ: It is written in… Proverbs 5:21 Voice You see, the Eternal sees our ways before Him. He watches every move we make and knows where those paths lead. Ever played checkers? Or chess? In game such as chess, the more moves you are able to anticipate of your opponents, the […]

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  • Ropes And Counsel

    For the believers of Jesus Christ: It is written in… Proverbs 1:5 KJVS A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels: Breaking down some of the keywords I wish to highlight in the Hebrew language… Hear – shâma: listen intelligently Increase – yâsaph: add […]

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  • Mission Trip 201611 at Cambodia with GenRev

    This is a curated compilation from the photos and video footages collected by the volunteers (a.k.a. troopers) of the mission trip. The experience happened from 2016 November 7th to 12th, Monday to Saturday. The country of visit was Cambodia. Our main activities revolved around interactions in a school and home visits in several villages. Content […]

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  • How This Domain Came To Be

    Previously, I used the domain LOWHANYEW.com for my blog. Learnt much about blogging and using the technical softwares. One day, a man offered to sell me the domain name PETERLOW.com. I bought it at what I deemed as a reasonable price since I knew it was not available for sale before. Good for the seller; […]

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