What I do

I teach music, play guitar, make pictures and write ideas.

Teach Music

As an education officer, a public civil servant, I teach music. I worked as an associated trainer with Singapore MOE schools under the Arts and Music Instructors Scheme (AMIS) for about seven years before the transition. I used to teach privately for about fifteen years.

Play Guitar

The acoustic guitar is my personal favorite musical instrument. I started learning the guitar around sixteen years old, a rather late start by today’s norm. Having begun with sing-and-strum, I have come to appreciate fingerstyle-playing more nowadays.

Make Pictures

A side hobby of mine is making pictures with my handy dandy camera. One of my favourite camera setups is Fujifilm X-Pro 2 with 27mm f/2.8 lens. Of course, a mobile phone works fine too! I especially like pictures made to tell stories intimately and pictures that invite questions.

Write Ideas

Writing helps me organize my thoughts and keep a form of documentary journal of my personal journey here in this website. Honestly, I publish my writings for various reasons, but mostly for my own sake. If ever you feel like reaching out, feel free to contact me.

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