Rest: The Best Gift of a Teacher to the Students

Such a simple idea, yet so easily overlooked.

This is purely my opinion, but if it helps you, I am glad. If this does not speak to you, that is fine as well.

How much sleep do you get per day? Do you feel refreshed after your sleep? Do you wake up with or without the use of an alarm clock?

Regardless, one thing is certain to me. When I had a good night sleep, I am positioned to communicate with a sound mind and clear articulations.

I am convinced I am most effective in the morning. All the better when I had a restful sleep.

What is your kind of ideal rest before you teach? Even if you are not a teacher, when do you find yourself to be able to deliver your messages clearest when in person?

If you are on the receiving end of a lesson or workshop, would you not appreciate the lesson provider, i.e. the trainer or teacher, to communicate in the best condition possible?

When I was serving my National Service in the Navy, my job scope includes making rounds to check for security, responding to emergency activation calls, and rest. Guess which part of the duty takes up most hours? If you guess rest, you are right!

There is a belief I had come to adopt as my personal way of life. That is, I begin my day from the moment I sleep. So, against conventional wisdom, to perceive the day to begin when one awakes, my day starts when I close my eyes to sleep.

I opine that preparation is a hidden secret behind the success of every open activity. It just makes sense to me to manage my plans, such that the larger the scale, the sooner I feel compelled to get ready for it, logistically and mentally.

In the context of being an educator, I feel that the best gift I can give my students is a sound mind and clear communication of my instructions.

Often than not, when I had a good night sleep, I find myself less irritable, more focused and more energised with stamina to tackle the challenges throughout the day.

Some might argue that long undisrupted sleep is difficult to achieve. Perhaps you have a newborn who needs feeding every three hours at night. Perhaps you travel a lot, and the difference in time zones just does not help. Perhaps your workload is just so overwhelming to allow you to have enough sleep in a day. What then?

Every situation is probably a wisdom problem. I must admit I cannot solve every problem. However, I do recognise and I am convinced that I have come to learn to place sleep and rest with a rather high priority.

Do you agree? What do you suggest? Share your comments. I would love to hear from you.

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