Oath of Secrecy

This is something that has been on my mind ever since I decided to accept the letter of offer for the appointment as an education officer.

“Whatever information you received from your work, you cannot share with anyone. Not even your loved ones. “

“Be careful of social media. Even if you put your settings to private, the platform might still be pulling information from your profile.”

“Watch how you represent your office.”

Here is a link to the Act, as of the date of this writing

Official Secrets Act


Here is a case study that hit the national news in late 2017

Official Secrets Act covers more than just secret information: Experts


HDB officer fined $2,000 for breaching Official Secrets Act by giving confidential info to ST journalist


I believe the law is meant to protect the country and its people. This is why I am extremely reluctant to share about my personal life, especially when it comes to the position of my civil service.

How much is too much? How little is too little? The best way to prevent a leak is to share zero information. What then, of journalistic functions?

I strive to be careful with what I write and share online, but only God can keep me from harm and uphold my reputation. Any man put in the right circumstances is subject to errors. I pray for wisdom and favor to make the right decisions to avoid harm to others and myself.

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