Not Too Late… Keep Discovering.

How long has it been since I last wrote in this blog? Been awhile, isn’t it? I know, I’ve been putting it on hold for months, even years. I thought that I should become clearer in my thoughts before I start writing publicly again. I, I, I… The same old story of a man who inclines towards self-occupation.

My younger self, do you remember the purpose you set out for this blog to be?

It’s not too late. You don’t have to be altogether there to be of value to another. You don’t have to be the kind of success you imagine others to recognise you to be before you can be yourself. Just be yourself. Be who you are.

“Ah, the problem is – for more than a quarter of an average lifespan in this modern world, I have not yet fully realised who I really am. Too often than not, I thought I would be this, and then it turned out I became that.”

But it’s not too late. Colonel Sanders started KFC when he was past fifty years old. Jack Ma applied for KFC and was rejected! This same Jack Ma later only started having success with past thirty-five years old. Joseph, having dreamt of being positioned higher than all his brothers, was sold into slavery by the same brothers, thrown into jail for a crime he did not commit, only became useful to God when he was given wisdom by God to interpret the Pharaoh’s dream at probably after thirty years old. This Joseph instantly became the Prime Minister of Egypt by that one incident, second only to Pharaoh, and saved his own family, and made Pharoah richer even during a severe drought of seven years. David, having been chosen, appointed and anointed by God to be the next king of Israel when he was in his teens, only had his inauguration after years of dramatic fleeing from King Saul and various various episodes of troubles. He, too, was probably around thirty years of age by then. Moses, being the mightiest in his own strength amongst all the recorded bible characters, took the longest to become truly useful to God – forty years after forty years old. That’s eighty years old! The Moses we know who said, “Let my people go!” is the same Moses who God instrumented to part the Red Sea… at eighty years old! And all these men, even after becoming a success in the eyes of the public, still faced many troubles to come.

The point is: it’s not to late. You are still discovering who you are.

I want you to keep discovering your identity in Christ.

It’s wonderful to be inspired by the inspirational others. But keep your eyes focused on the Lord. He who brought you this far will bring you further.

“It’s nice that others have those glittering shimmering fancy glamor, but you don’t have to try to chase after theirs. You have yours too. Refine the glory I’ve kept in you all along. I am always supplying you the grace for it.”

The man writing has become familiar with failures and rejections. And the dreams he once thought he would have achieved by a certain age have long passed the due dates. But hey, such is the wonder of life – beauty hidden for discovery.

Will you keep going? You have to. Because your end is not the day you sleep, should Jesus tarries His return. Your end is destined for the full glory of a life abundant.

As for now, let me keep discovering my happiness here on earth as it is in Heaven.





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