End of 2019 • Start of 2020

End of 2019 • Start of 2020

In this Year of the Latter Rain (the theme of the year in my local church), there were various ups and downs. This post is meant to recount the blessings given to me.

In short:

  • God protected my family
  • God supplied me with a career
  • God let me find a soulmate

God protected my family

There was a crisis in my household during the first quarter. A family member was hospitalised and so our expenses increased. Yet, all of us tided through. I attributed it to the protection by my Lord. Indeed, Psalm 91 became real.  That time, my Care Group (CG) members from church showed care for us. Some even paid a visit to the hospital. Their cannot be over-emphasised.

Daddy God supplied me with AMIS (Arts and Music Instructor Scheme) projects with MOE (Ministry of Education), and the highest pay rate I ever received came along. Furthermore, even the private clients paid me well. That helped with the increased monthly expenses.

(One of my last AMIS classes. Our last Ukulele lesson.)

Then, God opened the door for me for an interview with MOE. By April, I was part of the recruitment into becoming a Civil Servant of the Republic of Singapore.

God supplied me with a career

Graduation —> Startup Job —> 7-year Freelance —> MOE —> NIE 

After a short stint in corporate life, I was wandering wondering about what I ought to be doing with my life. While teaching guitar freelance, with the hope of earning some pocket money and transiting into yet another office job, someone offered me a chance to teach music in the public schools. Somehow, that led to the seven years of working as a music educator in the private sector.

The irony – about a year into being an AMIS instructor, I desired to go into the public sector, but every application turned out unsuccessful. Rejection after rejection. In hindsight, it was probably due to my pride of reluctance to attain the paper qualifications that MOE required of me. Perhaps I was afraid of failing; perhaps I was too lazy.

Then in the past two years, I finally decided to take the practical examination of Guitar Grade 8 under RGT LCM (Registry of Guitar Tutors, London College of Music), followed by the theory examination of music under ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School of Music). With the help sent me, I was able to pass on one attempt. Catherine Chung (Agape Music School, Kovan), and Sandy Soh (MOE, Music teacher) offered me sound advice and immense relevant resources. One amazing thing is that this year was when a section of the examination paper was officially tweaked. Somehow it felt easier to do when I compared it with the previous years’ papers. 

Indeed, promotion comes from the Lord (see Proverbs 22:29, and Psalm 75:6-7). It felt like the Lord had equipped me just for those moments. Had I taken on the examinations earlier, I could not imagine the chance of success. Indeed, He makes everything beautiful in His time (see Ecclesiastes 3:11). He gave me good success, just like what He promised in Joshua 1:8. He is still giving me acceleration when I simply delight in the knowledge of His goodness towards me (See Psalm 1:1-3 and Psalm 37:3-4).

Beginning second half of the year, career trajectory took a turn. I had a short break from work, and in July, I started teaching on a contract basis with a primary school, as deployed by the ministry. That school challenged my resolve to be a teacher more than my content knowledge. In spite of that, it lifted my interest to become a full-fledged education officer. It was a very valuable experience.

By the grace of God, I passed the stint and was referred to join NIE. Then, came another hurdle – I was unable to secure two sureties by the ministry’s conditions. To cut the long story short, with the counsel of my friends, help was rendered by my district’s MP (Minister of Parliament). A special arrangement was made reasonably to work around the situation, so I could be given the chance to sign the contract with MOE under PGDE  (Post-graduate Diploma in Education).

(The gifts I received on my Teachers’ Compass Ceremony day.)

Yet again, the Lord increased my monthly salary and provided more stability in my income. I feel grateful. This time, I am sponsored to be a student-teacher under NIE with a future 3-year bond. I pray this 16-month process to be smooth. Oh, I ask for wisdom and favor. I need an increase in the wisdom from above!

God let me find a soulmate

I am reminded of a passage in the scripture. It is written that “Lover and friend have You put far from Me, and My acquaintance into darkness.” (See Psalm 88:18).  I believe that Jesus suffered the cross to take my curses that I may take His blessings. 

(Christmas celebration with my friends.)

This year is a good good year. Even after many rejections and several relationships that did not work out, Daddy God still blessed me with a woman who is my prayer answered exceedingly abundantly above and beyond my wildest imagination. In other words, she is out of my league. Yet, she loves me. Lord, thank You for bringing us together in Your time. You let me find favor in her eyes.

We ever discussed the topic of “What if we met earlier?” We concluded that we would not be ready for each other. Our maturity simply could not make the cut.

Abba Father, thank You for these two huge breakthroughs in my life in 2019: career and relationship. Thank You for loving me.

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