Controlling Personal Media Consumption


“Ultimately, I want to be in control of how I use Social Media and I don’t want Social Media to control me.”

Christina Farr, CNBC Technology Reporter

I watched this on 23rd June 2020, Tuesday, at the comfort of my home, as I enjoy a period of lull time from a day of errands. My iPhone 6S just died on my yesterday, and the battery simply would not charge up, let alone to start up, even with the power plugged in. Having no phone basically halted my mindless scrolling of Instagram feeds (or whatever feed in whatever social media platform I am in).

As I travelled via public transport, I found myself looking at the sceneries and reading a book on my Kindle. My eyes were not “glued” to the screen of my phone. Refreshing.

This idea of “consuming too much media” behaviour is not new. Watching this video has been a good reminder to me. Tools and technology are meant to support and assist our lifestyle.

Truth is, we need information, but we don’t need information all the time. If you may practise to source for relevant information from the right source at the right time, it is good enough. Habit.

Here is another video for your consideration.


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