An Unexpected Favor – Someone Gave Me A Maestro Guitar

On 20180322 Thursday, I received a guitar for free.

Maestro Guitar. What a beauty.

Never did I imagine one day, someone would gift me with such a wonderful guitar. The original price, I heard from its previous owner, cost more than SGD 2,000. I had always desired to own a guitar with beveled armrest, and a side sound port for monitoring in an acoustic setting.

Just two nights before this blessed day, I was chatting with a friend via WhatsApp about Maestro trying out a design with a scratchpad. I had saw an Instagram post on that. Lo, suddenly, he offered to give me his guitar.

“Eh, you want my Maestro?”

“Really?! Are you sure?”

“I’ve been thinking about who to gift my Maestro to, since I don’t play it as much anymore. So, really, I’m serious, if you want it, it’s yours.”

O.M.G. moment.

For the first time in my life, someone gifted me a guitar of such pristine quality. To be honest, I felt awed by this goodwill.

For a moment, I wanted to offer him a price, even if it is a small one… You know, as a token. But that would make the gift invalid, and become a bargain – that would be an insult to my friend’s kind intention.

No, I decided to accept his gift as what he meant for me – a gift.

So here it is. This is grace – unearned undeserved unmerited favor.

This friend, who prefers to be anonymous, is one whom we acquainted in church. If not for this church, I would not have this particular experience. I believe it is Daddy God loving me through this man.

It goes against conventional belief to accept a gift. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it has to be, if it is a gift.

This is amongst the greatest gifts I ever received in my life. The best gift – Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Gospel means Good News. And you know it sounds too good to be true that a Man has fully paid for my sins and now I am made right with God the moment I confessed I believed.

That being said… Wow, I am still amazed by this experience. Talk about grace! This must be grace – getting blessed with goodness I do not deserve at all.


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