Music Gear

What I use as a musician and music educator.

Resources stated here are non-exhaustive.
Preparation is key.

Performance Arsenal

I use these frequently for performance, recording, and practice.

Cole Clark Angel 2 – CCANEC-BBR

My current favorite go-to for percussive fingerstyle. Mine is this model with a cutaway in the body to reach higher frets.

Maton Messiah – EM100C 808

70th Anniversary version. I use this. Next time, I would go for one with a natural finish. TE 808 with cutaway, perhaps?

Zager – ZAD900CE

Top-notch customer service by Danny Zager Junior. Hand-made by Danny Senior. Mine has a simpler Fishman pickup. Check it out here.

Maestro Custom Series – Victoria MR 2014-1317

Given by a friend. Read about the story here.

Tonewood Amp
I use it mainly for the portable reverb effect on my acoustic guitar.

Thalia Capos
My favorite capo. Customizable grip for guitars of different fretboard radii.

Roadie 2 Tuner
Awesome for managing many alternate tunings on a single guitar. I use this.

Peterson Strobe Clip HD Tuner
For super accurate tuning for a clip-on tuner. I use this.

Elixir Strings

Gauge 0.12-0.53
I am still exploring what is the kinds of strings for the guitars and style of muisc I play. For now, this is good.

AirTurn PED pro
I own two of these and use them with the OnSong App in my 12.9″ iPad Pro.

Suede Guitar Strap

I find myself keep coming back to this. Easy to pack into my guitar case and comfortable on my relatively small physique. Bought it on Amazon.

REUNION BLUES Continental Voyager Small Body Acoustic Case
I prefer this to my Mono guitar case.I use this.

MONO Vertigo Acoustic Guitar Case, Black
I still use Mono guitar case for my dreadnaught-sized guitar. Bought into this brand first. I use this.


OnSong on a 12.9″ iPad Pro makes my life of carrying hundreds of chords and lyrics so much easier. Tansposition and Setlist functions are super useful to me.

AnyTune Pro+

This helps me to change speed and pitch of any song in my collection. Imagine the usefulness for practice, teaching and learning!

Tempo Advance

One of my favorite metronomes around.

Tuner +

Straightforward tuner when I have no access to my Peterson Strobe HD and Roadie 2 Tuner.

PDF Expert

I use this with Dropbox. This allows me to scribble notes on the copies of Tabs I am practicing at the moment with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.


Keeps many of my music-related PDFs in the Cloud for easy access on-the-go.

Teaching Arsenal

I use these frequently for my day job as a music educator.

iPad Pro 12.9″ First Edition

I use this with its companion Apple Pencil.

VGA Adpater

Because my iPad still uses lightning cable and has a headphone jack, I can connect my iPad as is in all of the government public schools (MOE) in Singapore, to project the visual and audio out on a larger screen and sound system. Hallelujah!


Laser pointer. Useful to point to what is on the classroom board or screen when my iPad App does not have a pointer feature.


Time Base Technology Limited
I use this as my “whiteboard” to communicate ideas and concepts to my students. One of the underrated features is its “pointer” function when plugged in to a projector.

I use this with tracks I had prepared in my iTunes. The auto-scroll feature and the ability to sort chords and lyrics as songs in setlists turned out to be especially useful.

Tempo Advance

Frozen Ape
Useful when I wish to present the ideas of rhythm, such as accents, to my students.

AnyTune Pro+
I use this with the iTunes. This allows me to change pitch and speed of any song on my iTunes in my iPad. Useful when helping students on speed-training.


This is the one of the deafult Apps in my iPad. I prepare them from within iTunes.


Useful when I wish to show students in a classroom via projection for the purpose of classroom management.

*This page is last updated on 2019 June 7th, Friday.