Music Gear

What I use as a musician and music educator.

Resources stated here are non-exhaustive.
Preparation is key.

Performance Arsenal

I use these frequently for performance, recording, and practice.
  • Cole Clark Angel 2 – CCANEC-BBR

    My current favorite go-to for percussive fingerstyle. Mine is this model with a cutaway in the body to reach higher frets.

  • Maton Messiah – EM100C 808

    70th Anniversary version. I use this. Next time, I would go for one with a natural finish. TE 808 with cutaway, perhaps?

  • Zager – ZAD900CE

    Top-notch customer service by Danny Zager Junior. Hand-made by Danny Senior. Mine has a simpler Fishman pickup. Check it out here.

  • Maestro Custom Series – Victoria MR 2014-1317

    Given by a friend. Read about the story here.

  • Tonewood Amp
    I use it mainly for the portable reverb effect on my acoustic guitar.

  • Thalia Capos
    My favorite capo. Customizable grip for guitars of different fretboard radii.

  • Roadie 2 Tuner
    Awesome for managing many alternate tunings on a single guitar. I use this.

  • Peterson Strobe Clip HD Tuner
    For super accurate tuning for a clip-on tuner. I use this.

  • Elixir Strings

    Gauge 0.12-0.53
    I am still exploring what is the kinds of strings for the guitars and style of muisc I play. For now, this is good.

  • AirTurn PED pro
    I own two of these and use them with the OnSong App in my 12.9″ iPad Pro.

  • Suede Guitar Strap

    I find myself keep coming back to this. Easy to pack into my guitar case and comfortable on my relatively small physique. Bought it on Amazon.

  • REUNION BLUES Continental Voyager Small Body Acoustic Case
    I prefer this to my Mono guitar case.I use this.

  • MONO Vertigo Acoustic Guitar Case, Black
    I still use Mono guitar case for my dreadnaught-sized guitar. Bought into this brand first. I use this.

  • OnSong

    OnSong on a 12.9″ iPad Pro makes my life of carrying hundreds of chords and lyrics so much easier. Tansposition and Setlist functions are super useful to me.

  • AnyTune Pro+

    This helps me to change speed and pitch of any song in my collection. Imagine the usefulness for practice, teaching and learning!

  • Tempo Advance

    One of my favorite metronomes around.

  • Tuner +

    Straightforward tuner when I have no access to my Peterson Strobe HD and Roadie 2 Tuner.

  • PDF Expert

    I use this with Dropbox. This allows me to scribble notes on the copies of Tabs I am practicing at the moment with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

  • Dropbox

    Keeps many of my music-related PDFs in the Cloud for easy access on-the-go.

Teaching Arsenal

I use these frequently for my day job as a music educator.
  • iPad Pro 12.9″ First Edition

    I use this with its companion Apple Pencil.

  • VGA Adpater

    Because my iPad still uses lightning cable and has a headphone jack, I can connect my iPad as is in all of the government public schools (MOE) in Singapore, to project the visual and audio out on a larger screen and sound system. Hallelujah!

  • Pointer

    Extends from about 15cm to 1.2m. Useful to point to what is on the classroom board or screen when my iPad App does not have a pointer feature.

  • GoodNotes

    Time Base Technology Limited
    I use this as my “whiteboard” to communicate ideas and concepts to my students. One of the underrated features is its “pointer” function when plugged in to a projector.

  • OnSong
    I use this with tracks I had prepared in my iTunes. The auto-scroll feature and the ability to sort chords and lyrics as songs in setlists turned out to be especially useful.

  • Tempo Advance

    Frozen Ape
    Useful when I wish to present the ideas of rhythm, such as accents, to my students.

  • AnyTune Pro+
    I use this with the iTunes. This allows me to change pitch and speed of any song on my iTunes in my iPad. Useful when helping students on speed-training.

  • Videos

    This is the one of the deafult Apps in my iPad. I prepare them from within iTunes.

  • FaceClock

    Useful when I wish to show students in a classroom via projection for the purpose of classroom management.

*This page is last updated on 2019 January 5th, Friday.